Hi Rugged Campus community 🤗 After a year and half volunteering in Africa (a very mixed, stresfull but rewarding experience), I decided to start a new project -> doing videos about ordinary people with a story to tell. Mostly hardworking people who struggle with life.. I call it silent heroes. I want to show the viewers what challenges other people face… To show the real hardships in life. Maybe it will make everyone realize what others go through and they will be nicer to each other.. Maybe people will realize the need to appreciate the luxury they live at, maybe they will just have fun watching the series.. I would be really glad if you could give me a feedback what you like and dislike, so I can grow this project. It isn’t that hard for me to find interesting stories with the contacts I have here, but the postproduction and especially marketing is a big challenge for me. In case there is anyone who knows about a good way to expand the viewers base, I would be glad to hear from you as well 🤗 So far I do everything myself (concept, screenplay, video making..) just with one local friend helping me, so it is not easy to figure out everything as none of us is professional in this area… but do you think we have a potential? Your feedback is highly appreciated 😍🤩 Silent Heroes: The Orphan ep08 https://youtu.be/0uAn6R_BGEE

Posted by v300 at 2023-02-11 10:16:21 UTC