Our most recent project in partnership with Butterfly Tree Charity in Zambia has just concluded. Through a food security production and skills development program for the village of Mwilu, hundreds of women were able to develop financial and food self-sufficiency. Here are the testimonies of Dorothy and Christine, participants of the program: «We have had 4 training sessions which have empowered us with the knowledge and skills in the following: vegetables and maize growing; chicken rearing, disease treatment and prevention, room preparation; operating the grinding mill and maintenance; and management of material and financial resources. As women, we are so excited with the project and are determined to work extra hard to raise more money from the empowerment. The women of this community are happy as they are no longer covering a long distance to grind maize.» «The goodness of grinding maize it helped the community through distances. Keeping chickens is not giving too much labour and for the garden the community benefit in terms of vegetables instead of covering much distance. This club has helped us in terms of income. » We warmly thank Mrs. Jane Kaye-Bailey and the Butterfly Tree Charity team for this beautiful project. We are proud to support The Butterfly Tree Charity in Zambia. These projects are making a real difference in the lives of thousands of people in these regions often hard hit by famine and drought.

Posted by Mplm / Give a Hand at 2022-12-14 22:03:04 UTC