No doubt, today’s youth face adverse challenges globally, and that explains the several programs launched internationally to support or mentor youth. Conflict has contributed immensely to the limited opportunities most youths have access to within the continent. During such a situation, exploitation is at its peak, the economy is not conducive to investing, and most governments lack policies that support and develop youth startup ideas. Taking a case scenario of #SouthSudan, this blog highlights some challenges youths/youth startups face and how being a part of a network #ASKnet within the country could solve that. Using #ASKnet's website, we will profile startups or hubs. On the site, we introduced a tool for profiling skilled individuals and consultants in South Sudan in order to provide a pool of experts. Please read more about #ASKnet & LEAD, a tool we are prototyping to resolve some of these challenges, and feedback is welcome to improve this tool.#tech4good #youthday2022

Posted by GoGirls ICT Initiative at 2022-08-15 14:50:15 UTC