Taxco, Guerrero - Mexico My feet got itchy for travel once more and my unquenchable thirst in pursuit of Pueblos Magicos had my compass spinning frantically. I shot off like a stretched elastic band, compass in hand. I found myself in the magic - magic town of Taxco in the mexican state of Guerrero (Warrior), just short of 3 hours drive south west of Mexico city. The oldest silver mining town in Mexico shone with all that glitters (and it was infact gold too). I spent way too much time (and money) in the never-ending rows of silverwork markets. This was Aztec territory before the Spanish came and the town has volumes of stories on how Aztec leaders made the area prosperous and became saught after by other tribes ( Chontales "foreigners") that travelled from as far as Nicaragua to come and mine here. I don't believe I've ever seen this amount of churchs in any other town in Mexico, the most famous being Santa Prisca that embraces the centro and calls the faithful to prayer. And all this in the shadow of El Christo Panoramico de Taxco ( Christ viewpoint), a large statue - much like in Brazil- of Christ who stands high above the bustling town below. And then the added delight of the cable car (Teleférico) ride back down! Much to my surprise, there is alot more english spoken here then I had anticipated and just when I had diligently learnt how to string spanish words together to stop sounding so foolish, most shop keepers greeted me with a hearty "Hello!". My pursuit to find all magic towns will continue. Taxco was number 13. But this magical spot on the mexican map has made it into my top 3.

Posted by Saffa at 2022-08-13 05:23:15 UTC