This year was not the first time that Aissatou’s father, Ousmane, sought medical help for his daughter’s cleft lip. He has taken his 4-year-old daughter to multiple hospitals in #Senegal, but none of them could provide the help she needed. People in his village lost all hope and told Ousmane that she would never be healed. But this father refused to give up. When he heard about #MercyShips, he was determined to try again. He brought her on a journey across the country, believing that this time Aissatou would be healed: “In my heart I just knew that these people would help my daughter." What a blessing it is to witness the deep love between father and daughter, and how it resulted in hope and healing for Aissatou’s cleft lip! #GlobalSurgery #GlobalHealth #MercyShips

Posted by MercyShips at 2022-06-24 13:49:50 UTC