Comments like, ‘Educating a girl will benefit the family she will get married to,’ or actions negatively targeting girls in our communities are used unintentionally. Such comments discourage girls from excelling or concentrating in class, leading to poor performance and dropping out of school. Our communities use microaggressions without meaning any harm or even realizing that they are causing a negative impact on girls. GoGirls conducts training on gender sensitivity to create awareness of the existing challenges faced by girls and how to overcome such challenges and discrimination. During our training of mentors, the mentors were taught best practices on how to conduct inclusive training and how to create conducive and enabling environments for girls to comfortably learn without feeling threatened or disrespected. The training also covered conflict resolution and mitigation. Some training methodologies used during the training included role plays, brainstorming, gallery walks, and debriefing sessions to reflect on all that was discussed. #TTOSICT #BeyondConflict #TTOSICT: Time To Shine ICT Project This project is supported by UNDP South Sudan Peace and Community Cohesion Project with funds from Sweden. Photo Credit: Aleon Visuals

Posted by GoGirls ICT Initiative at 2022-05-05 13:31:19 UTC