GoGirls ICT Initiative team together with chemistry experts, under their Gosanitize social enterprise, had a peer-to-peer virtual mentorship exchange with Bibliothèque-MboaLab, Cameroon. They discussed hand sanitizer production methodologies, quality control, and marketing strategies. In order to produce high-quality Alcohol and ensure constant supply from local female South Sudanese brewers, the Gosanitize team also had a capacity-building session with the brewers on issues like ethical issues, quality, and fire safety. Religious guest speakers also attended the session and talked about the ethical issues surrounding alcohol production; they emphasized the medicinal values of alcohol traced back to ancient Israel. The female brewers were therefore assured that making alcohol for sanitizer production was not unethical, since they are contributing to the social good of fighting COVID-19. They were also trained on fire safety, since the kind of alcohol the brewers are to produce is highly flammable. Safety standards of operation were therefore developed for future production.#Gosanitize #ASKnet This project is supported by UNDP South Sudan Accelerator Lab, _r0g / agency for open culture and critical transformation and Critical Making Project. Photo Credit: Aleon Visuals

Posted by GoGirls ICT Initiative at 2022-03-31 14:23:15 UTC