In this week's New Mercies podcast you will hear from Captain Josh McGrath, who came to volunteer with Mercy Ships in 2007 as Third Officer on the #Anastasis in Ghana and Liberia. Josh was newly graduated from the Maritime Academy in Northern California and it was the recommendation of one of his professors that led him to serve. Returning in various roles for several field services, Josh met his wife onboard and later returned with his young children as captain of the #AfricaMercy. Earning the nickname “Captain Fun,” Josh not only made family life a blast on board, but he also stepped out of the bridge to teach P.E. to the academy students. In this episode Josh shares stories from his time volunteering with Mercy Ships and shares how his own life, both personal and professional, has been impacted by his time on board. Listen to our latest episode of the New Mercies podcast at

Posted by MercyShips at 2022-03-29 12:54:40 UTC