Puebla de Zaragoza I had not been in Mexico longer then 2 weeks before eagerly wanting to use my rugged compass to explore. The closest magic spot on my map took me south from Mexico City to the state of Puebla, bordering the states of Tlaxcala and Hidalgo to the north and Oaxaca to the south. It was here that I was sold on my decision to move to Mexico. This is by far one of the most arty capitals, famously known for its craft markets, art museums, specialised locally-made pottery and Talavera tiles which come from the rich black and white volcanic soils in and around the local area. The excentric towns of Puebla lie at the foot of the famous Cholula's Popocatépetl volcano which still hisses, spits and smokes (this will have to be another post all on its own). And in true Mexican fashion, cathedrals can be found on every second street corner, blending Baroque and Renaissance architecture in all its glory. Local cuisine includes both mole poblano and chiles en nogada or be tickled by Chalupas—mini corn tortillas topped with shredded pork, chopped onion, and red and green chili sauce. This trip was the perfect introduction to what I could expect from my life in Mexico.

Posted by Saffa at 2022-03-13 06:51:17 UTC