In 2001, I had the privileged to unite and initiate my work with a wonderful organization based in Bali, Indonesia called Kupu-Kupu ( Butterflies) This organisation founded by the dedicated Begonia Lopez from Spain, is helping physically and mentally challenged children and youth. I was thrilled to work on the ground with this NGO for stints of 6mths per year for 4 years. To this day, Begonia and all the wonderful youth I had the chance to work with, occupy a special place in my heart. I salute the wonderful work and commitment of Begonia and send my love to all of my students! 🙏🏻 Bapak Daniel —————————————————- En 2001, j’ai eu le bonheur d’amorcer mon travail auprès de la fondation Kupu-Kupu ( les papillons) à Bali, en Indonésie mise sur pied par Begonia Lopez, espagnole d’origine toujours sur le terrain. L’organisme vient en aide aux enfants souffrant d’un handicape physique ou intellectuel. A ce jour, Begonia continue sa mission et cet organisme occupe une place toute spéciale dans mon coeur. Que de moments merveilleux j’ai passé auprès de ces jeunes. Je salue Begonia et tous mes étudiants de Bali. Bapak Daniel🙏🏻

Posted by dlalande at 2022-03-09 13:58:56 UTC