Quick video clip from the Anthem Awards this past Monday. Thank you all so very much for your continued support and friendship. Winners for the inaugural Anthem Awards were celebrated at their first annual awards show yesterday. Fans and followers heard from social impact leaders, featuring special moments and speeches from all winners. I am truly honored to have been included, to have participated, and to see The Edge of Adventure podcast chosen for the Silver in our particular category. My team and I dedicate this award and bit of recognition to you. You who deliver humanitarian aid under difficult (often dangerous) circumstances. You who support the ones who do. You are the heroes we need. In dark times, you shine much-needed light. And with all we do, we seek to honor you. For more on this significant moment: TheEdgeOfAdventure.com/anthemsilver2022 Thank you. #AdamAsher #TheEdgeOfAdventure #BeyondStatusQuo #Podcast #AnthemAwards

Posted by Adam Asher at 2022-03-01 22:34:58 UTC