Mexican Curanderos I got lost in the drumbeat of this dance by traditional mexican healers. The movements are mesmerizing and the authentic costumes, ghostly headresses and eccentric body art speak of ancient times. Mexico has a rich and fascinating history of curandero healers that dates back to the pre-Hispanic period and remains a tradional form of healing across all Latin America. The life’s purpose of a curandero is to resolve ailments through natural means, taking on the role of community ‘doctor’. In fact, most of the ailments cured by curanderos are spiritual or emotional in nature. They often solve these troubles through the careful use of spiritual cleansings, essential oils, herbs, incense, eggs and even prayer. And if this doesn't scare the bad spirits away, their dances and the sound of the Ocarinas (Aztec whistles) sure will.

Posted by Saffa at 2022-01-30 04:49:05 UTC