I came to NLM (LUV’s anti-trafficking network partners) in 2007 when I was a 14-year-old child. At five years old, Arab soldiers came to our area, and we ran into the bush for safety. They captured our area; they killed many people in the village. They killed my father, mother, and the other elder people and took us with them, my sister and other children. On their way home, the commander took my elder sister as his wife, and I was given to one of the soldiers as his son. Other children were distributed too. He took me to his home and told me to look after his cattle. One day, I went to the forest with cattle and escaped with two boys. We reached South Sudan safely. I came to NLM as an orphan in the same year, and I was accepted. May God bless you all. —“Phillip” Partner with LUV today and continue to give survivors like Phillip a safe place to thrive.

Posted by liftupthevulnerable at 2022-01-28 19:25:30 UTC