Disclaimer: I’m not doing any of this for awards. I’m doing this because I believe in something bigger than Adam Asher. The Edge of Adventure is simply my way of taking my skills and experience in radio, podcasting and filmmaking--and putting them to use showcasing the world’s most unsung heroes. Those who serve others around the globe--often under very difficult (or dangerous) circumstances. Helping to tell these stories. Real stories of great need and great sacrifice. That’s why I’m doing this. But I do need to mention that The Edge of Adventure podcast has been chosen as a finalist in the first-ever Anthem Awards. The Anthem Awards celebrate purpose and mission-driven work from people, companies and organizations worldwide. So to be now be included among the finalists for their inaugural year is a huge honor. All I can say is wow. And thank you. This recognition isn't really about me. It's about you and the work you're doing. The work you support and make possible with your gifts. This recognition means something very important: The difference you're making is seen. I’ll keep you posted. They’ll be announcing their final selections on February 15th. Thanks for being a part of #TheEdgeOfAdventure and #RuggedCompass. It means more to me than I can fully express. #AdamAsher #AnthemAwards

Posted by Adam Asher at 2022-01-26 23:50:40 UTC