One of our great friends and members of the #RuggedCompass community, Daniel Lalande (@dlalande) joins me this week for #TheEdgeOfAdventure podcast. Truly an honor to have him on the show and to get to know him and his heart for others. Daniel founded Monde par la Main (Give a Hand) as the bridge between those who serve the poorest communities in the world and those who seek to support them. Daniel joins me for this edition of the podcast to share a bit about his story and his determination to make a difference. For links to this organization, other podcast and social platforms, pics, videos and more, watch for the full post tonight at 8:00 PM Eastern: Podcast available NOW ... here in Rugged Compass ... at the link below. Audio & Video versions. Thank you, Daniel, for all you do. And for your continued support of Rugged Compass and The Edge of Adventure. #AdamAsher #TheEdgeOfAdventure #Podcast #BeyondStatusQuo

Posted by Adam Asher at 2022-01-10 22:10:00 UTC