Tolantongo Grutas, Hildago - Mexico My Rugged compass was at it once again. Pointing me almost 4 hours North of Mexico city to the state of Hildago. Here you will find open roads that quickly wind through one-horse towns lying quietly in the foothills and valleys of Pachuca and Ixmiquilpan. But I was headed to the Tolantongo Grutas (caves) and hot springs, to get a taste of the magic it promised... and it delivered! Tolantongo stems from the Nahuatl word -Tonaltonko or "Home where it feels warm." True to its name, I felt rather comfortable in naturally heated pools and rivers and was treated to an almost spa experience as I sat on the rocks and allowed the fast moving water to crash over me as I took it all in. The water comes from a complex series of channels inside the mountain that heats the water to about 20 degrees Celsius. The indigenous peoples of this area,  the Otomi, the Mexica, the Toltecs and the Tepehua are super friendly and cook up storms of local, traditional meals for you to enjoy. My compass must remember the co-ordinates of this place, I simply must return here.

Posted by Saffa at 2021-11-15 04:44:53 UTC