In India, South Parganas 24, West Bengal Give a Hand has supported in 2020-2021a wonderful initiative for thousand of women with our partner organization Anirban Rural Welfare . « Breaking taboos, moving forward and talking about menstruation is a natural phenomenon for women and girls. Yet, there has been to many, judgements and various restrictions put on women, to the extent of keeping them in isolation during their monthly menstrual cycle and is even considered unclean, shameful and impure in some places. This discourages women /girls to talk about it and develops a sense of embarrassment so much so that, some of them become very conscious and feel uncomfortable in class when the topic comes up. » Anirban Rural Welfare On Menstruation Hygiene Day this year, United Nations Human Rights has stated that, "... the lack of access to toilets and water during menstruation is a hugely detrimental experience to women’s lives and to their ability to fully enjoy their rights. In a world where the human rights to water and sanitation are enjoyed by all, a woman should be able to menstruate in safety and dignity : with access to toilets, hygienic products and a safe and continuous supply of clean water. In order for all women and girls to enjoy their rights, we must focus on safeguarding the normative content of the human rights to water and sanitation : Availability, Accessibility, Affordability, Safety and Privacy and Dignity." Give a Hand will be supporting a second program in rural areas in 2022 that will also give access to hundreds of women for awareness classes, making and selling biodegradable sanitary napkins . #breakthetaboo #womenhealth #womenpreneurs

Posted by dlalande at 2021-11-11 00:49:34 UTC