Puebla Magico - Malinalco I dusted off my rugged compass and let it point the way once again, in search of the next Pueblo Magico. These are becoming great historical, treasure hunts for me. It pointed South West, just shy of 3 hours from Mexico city, on the far side of a winding road through the picturesque Toluca valley. Malinalco’s history is steeped in legend and its name translates from Nahuatl as: “Where they worship Malinalxóchitl”, which connects back to the Aztec belief that the sorceress Malinalxóchitl was abandoned here by her brother and leader of the Mexica, Huitzilopochtlli, during their exodus from Aztlán.  The Aztecs later established a sanctuary here for their military elite, the Eagle and Jaguar warriors. The complex was built on the Cerro de los Idolos (Hill of the Idols), over an older ceremonial site. Warriors were once built here...their presence still very much felt, today. Once again, I was overcome with vibrant colours, smells and sounds. I dodged the fearless scooters over narrow streets and was greeted by tradionally dressed, mexican smiles. And in this sleepy valley town, along its cobble stone roads, you'll find a docile donkey or two waiting for its owner in the middle of the street (a common form of transport). This puebla was certainly magical, inviting me back to stay a little longer next time.

Posted by Saffa at 2021-11-07 05:41:45 UTC