“Thirteen years ago this month, Creamos began as a social entrepreneurship initiative formed by 20 women living in the community surrounding the Guatemala City garbage dump. These women had historically relied on collecting, recycling, reusing and reselling items scavenged in the garbage dump, in addition to other risky work, to make a living. Upon attending a training provided by a local university on how to make jewelry out of recycled paper, these women decided to pursue this craft and sell their products to generate an income. With the support of a local attorney, a program participant was named the legal representative, and the group opened Creamos as a small business shortly after. In the spirit of Business Women Day, we figured this story is worth highlighting! Since the organization’s induction, we’ve seen these business-minded women organize to expand their mission, set and achieve impressive goals, and rise to the challenges of the journey” post by team Creamos Give a Hand is proud of working in partnership with Creamos contributing to the development of the community and these wonderful ladies. . . Pictured: Creamos participants and visitors. . . . #businesswomen #businesswoman #guatemalabusiness #businesswomenday #shemeansbusiness #femaleentrepreneur #herbusiness #womeninbusiness #bossup #strongwomen #bosslady #womenpreneurs #bossladies #entrepreneurmindset #entrepreneurship #startupwomen #businessminded

Posted by dlalande at 2021-10-13 12:52:09 UTC