We are thrilled to announce that Give a Hand is partnering once again this year with Willka Yachay in Qochomoqo, in the Andes of Peru for a new development project that will provide healthy vegetables and fruits for 140 families of the Q’eros communities. Greenhouses will be built and taken care by the community members in harmony with their traditional and spiritual beliefs. Also the production of medicinal plants, with the women will generate an income other than their traditional weaving. The pandemic and confinement have taken a heavy toll on the Q’eros nation like mentioned by the director of Willka Yachay; Hannah Rae Porst, this project is certainly lifting spirits among communities. Good luck to you Hannah Rae Porst , director and the Q’eros from Team Give a Hand with this new project. #sustainability #development #skillsdevelopment #sacredland

Posted by dlalande at 2021-10-06 18:15:32 UTC