Hi Everyone! Just posted in the French Community group by fully aware not everyone speaks the language so just thought of doing this in English to reach more people. I’m glad to join this community as president-founder of a volunteer base organisation called Monde par la main/Give a Hand located in Quebec, Canada. We started our work in 2010 and have been supporting numerous organizations in over 25 countries. Give a Hand is the link between men and women who dedicate their lives to restore hope and dignity for the poorest communities in the world and those who want to reach out and support them. We mainly focus on working with our partners on women’s empowerment projects, environment protection and transformation through social art. We are thrilled to say that as a volunteer org, all funds we get go directly to our partners for conducting great projects with them. One of these partner you know as Adam Asher featured recently Rock,Paper,Scissors in Vietnam with whom we work since 2014. So please check out website and discover our work. https://mondeparlamain.org/en/ Have a great day! D

Posted by dlalande at 2021-09-29 13:28:09 UTC