La Paz, Baja California Sur - Mexico Mexico does not disappoint when it comes to beaches. This would be my first seaside experience here and so I jumped on a plane and allowed the pilot to use his rugged compass to fly us 2.5 hours Norh West from Mexico City. La Paz, Capital city of Baja California Sur is just south of the US border on the peninsula. Once you have overcome the wall of humidity that greets you, you are all set for a real treat. La Paz boasts some of the most pristine beaches. The water is clear, blue and warm, the sand is soft and white and some world class snorkelling and surfing makes it postcard stuff. It is here that you will find the famous beach - Playa Balandra that is home to El Hongo de Balandra (an iconic rock formation), accessable by boat that hops and stops for a 6 hour sea adventure around Isla Espíritu Santo. You will also be tempted to spend all your money in the many quaint seaside markets on all sorts of traditional trinkets that bling in the hot Californian sun. Holiday services, tour operators and the Baja community are super friendly and helpful (I even made another best friend with the hotel staff), but then again, I never expected anything less from Mexico!

Posted by Saffa at 2021-09-19 01:45:33 UTC