If you haven't already, please join me for The Edge of Adventure podcast, the award-winning program that takes us #BeyondStatusQuo into the real-life adventure of genuine service. Each week I have the privilege of meeting servant leaders from some of the most inspiring humanitarian organizations in the world. We always have a great conversation. And I'm always impacted by who they are, what these organizations do, and the way they choose to serve others ... even when circumstances are so very difficult. New episode each Monday. You'll find it on all major podcast platforms. But it's always available here FIRST ... in #RuggedCompass ... in both audio and video versions. Thank you all for joining me on this amazing journey. You are part of the reason why I still believe ... in Good. This is how we go #BeyondStatusQuo. #AdamAsher

Posted by Adam Asher at 2021-09-12 22:56:54 UTC