Podcast | Iracambí: Brazil Binka Le Breton and her husband Robin are rather adventurous. To prove it, they drove from Washington, DC to Minas Gerais, Brazil 30 years ago. They bought some land there. And they built a rainforest research center. Since that day, they've worked to study, preserve, protect, and restore this South American nation's rainforests and resources. Their campus doors are always open to students and volunteers who seek to do the same. Join me for this edition of The Edge of Adventure podcast as I welcome Binka to show from the Iracambí rainforest research center in Brazil. You'll see immediately just how much she loves the rainforests and the people of Brazil. For links to Iracambí, various podcast and social platforms, pics, videos, and much more: TheEdgeOfAdventure.com/podcast-iracambi #AdamAsher #TheEdgeOfAdventure #BeyondStatusQuo #Podcast #Iracambi #Brazil #Rainforest #SouthAmerica

Posted by Adam Asher at 2021-08-02 22:24:14 UTC