Welcome to a new week and the second episode of Amplified Gender Voice #AGV! Arts and sciences are two fundamental pillars of human progress and development. They allow us to tap into our inner creativity, express our emotions, and make informed decisions based on evidence and facts. Without them, we would be lost in ignorance and chaos. By combining arts and sciences, we can create endless possibilities and find solutions to complex problems. Neglecting either of these two fields is not an option. In this episode, Suzan Isaac shares her transition from an arts background to finding her footing in science. Her inspiring story reminds us to have confidence in our paths and never give up on our dreams. Listen to her here! https: https://soundcloud.com/agvpodcast/arts-and-sciences-are-both-essential-and-we-cannot-do-without-either-of-them This production was done by AGV Studioz and part of the Access to Skills and Knowledge Network ASKnet, supported by r0g_agency with funds from the @German Federal Ministry of Economic cooperation and Development( BMZ). #STEAM #WomenInSTEMLeadership #WomenInTechSpace #WomenInScience #BreakingBarriers #SouthSudan

Posted by GoGirls ICT Initiative at 2024-03-18 10:09:29 UTC