"Why is it called Nyöket AI?" is a question that may arise in one's mind. In the Bari language, the word "Nyököket" means "repetition," while "Nyööket" means "repeating." Meanwhile, in Juba Arabic, another language widely spoken in South Sudan, the word "ket" translates to "thread." In South Sudanese communities, the majority of the women use thread to stitch together different pieces of material, creating beautiful designs on bedsheets, tablecloths, and other items. As part of a project brainstorming session, the team was inspired to name the project "Nyöket AI" based on this tradition. This name was chosen because the project will focus on exploring different aspects of South Sudanese languages and how they can be incorporated into machine learning technologies to improve translation. Essentially, "Nyöket AI" means "The Translation of Languages." Here is the link to apply for our mentorship program if you haven't applied yet. https://docs.google.com/.../1FAIpQLScL7tWJMEx.../viewform... This project is in collaboration with Global South in AI, a California non-profit organization with a mission to advance research and education to ensure the inclusion of global South languages with funds from #NeurIPS. #NeurIPS: Neural Information Processing Systems is an annual interdisciplinary academic conference on artificial intelligence and machine learning held every December. Graphics Credit: Gifted Bless ( Disclaimer: This is not a logo, but a basic design to accompany the post)

Posted by GoGirls ICT Initiative at 2024-03-07 11:26:15 UTC