The impact of Artificial intelligence (AI) in agriculture, healthcare, education, and beyond has been profound globally, but it's limited to the Global North. This is because the Global South lacks language representation, which hinders the potential of #AI to boost worldwide economic growth. The Nyöket AI pilot project, the flagship initiative of GoGirls ICT, aims to mentor young women in South Sudan to build Large Language Models (LLMs) for Machine Translation and AI. Upon completion, an open-language chatbot model will become available. We are calling on all female computer science, information technology, and software engineering students, and anyone willing to learn and advance their career to join this training and complete the survey form via the link below. This project is in collaboration with Global South in AI, a California non-profit organization with a mission to advance research and education to ensure the inclusion of global South languages with funds from #NeurIPS. #NeurIPS: Neural Information Processing Systems is an annual interdisciplinary academic conference on artificial intelligence and machine learning held every December. Graphics Credit: Gifted Bless

Posted by GoGirls ICT Initiative at 2024-03-01 21:13:08 UTC