🎉 Congratulations to Abdourahamane Besmor Bah for successfully leading our first software academy in Conakry and to the 18 Conakry Reliance School students who turned up every day for six weeks in their summer break! 🙏 A big thank you to everyone at Conakry Reliance School who hosted the academy and Tamba Nyumah for working alongside us to make it as successful as it was. Goals achieved 🎖 Found local trainers with background in Computer Science to build curriculum and teach classes 💻 Setup classroom with stable internet link to help students access all the resources of the internet 🧕 Took bright students with no exposure to IT to the point where they are confident building basic web sites using HTML, CSS and java script in 6 weeks Our next steps are to 🌍 Learn lessons which will enable us to expand this programme to the wider community and other schools  🔍 Find able students who we can train to teach future classes and therefore help drive our expansion  💲 Secure further funding #education #codingbootcamp #computingscience #conakry

Posted by Friends of CRS at 2023-09-10 06:08:55 UTC