🗣️ “500 million people globally are currently experiencing period poverty.” - The World Bank (2018). 28th May marked the ninth year of International Menstrual Hygiene Day. Since inception, the day has developed into a powerful platform to advocate for adequate menstrual health/hygiene management (MHM) access and interventions, engage policymakers in dialogue, prioritise menstrual education, and actively work towards dismantling pervasive attitudes around menstruation... In the last year, SEED’s Sekoly Programme has done exactly that by expanding its approach to MHM in school builds, introducing: 🔨 Separate and brand new MHM facilities into each school build 📚 Comprehensive MHM and sexual health education classes 🪡 Reusable pad-making sessions to students To learn more about how our Sekoly Programme is encouraging girls to stay in school, in a country considered to have some of the most underdeveloped water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) facilities in the world, check out our new article! - https://madagascar.co.uk/blog/2023/05/world-menstrual-hygiene-day-how-seeds-sekoly-programme-striving-gender-responsive-education

Posted by SEED Madagascar at 2023-05-30 04:56:23 UTC