We're on this road together. It's been a great few days here in the Rugged Compass community. We welcomed @AMEXTRA, @lynnachandra, @sashavallely9 and @dawnkasha not long ago. And recently we've seen very meaningful posts from @Power of Love Foundation, @Mplm / Give a Hand, @GoGirls ICT Initiative, @Serendipity, @SEED Madagascar, @Anita Couto, @Lewis Swann, @ChildAidee, @Rock-Paper-Scissors, @Friends of CRS, @Saffa, @Seema, @Zilian, @steffi.gault, @jorgeagua505, @adrianpontes, @cguiaramirez, @danielbartlett, @Shade For Children, and @Rachel House. My thanks to all of you. For the work you're doing. And for being a part of this community. #AdamAsher #RuggedCompass

Posted by Adam Asher at 2023-04-21 19:03:55 UTC