Thoughts from the repair tour, Juba Day Secondary school. “Sometimes in our locality and mentality, people who are dealing with computers, and they are girls people will say, they are crazy, they are not supposed to be doing this. They are supposed to be doing things which are feminine that are supposed to relate to their life as women. What I want to say here is, most of our communities want to give you more ingredients into you to believe that you are a woman, you must be doing things which are related to your feminine more than related to your skills. But we are in an era whereby you can't be left out. You know the millennium goals are now being taken away by sustainable skills that you need to embrace so that you live comfortably in this era. Therefore, these girls decided to take sciences. I didn't sit down with them to ask why science, I just got them. Are they coming because their neighbour's girl is taking science? or they were advised because some of them say, my father said, I should take science. But I want to challenge them, is your father the one going to study science? If not, I want you to get motivated to take science because in science you are seeing something you want to get. This self-realization is necessary for young girls like you,because you get to know your weaknesses and strengths. Then in your strength, you can be supported like now so note that you took time here to learn, you did not waste time. I am sure some of them when they go home, they will have stories to tell like today we were at school and dismantled computers and checked their interior for the first time.” George Kenyi Wilson, Head Teacher. #GirlsInICT This activity is part of the ITU Girls in ICT and is made possible with support from National Communication Authority - NCA in South Sudan. Photo Credit: Moss Damian

Posted by GoGirls ICT Initiative at 2023-04-17 11:12:02 UTC