Although I'm director of FCRS I am also mother to Bethany. She is a year into her PhD field work in southern Madagascar and for the next 5 weeks I will be visiting her there - exploring the community she has begun to call home and travelling the southern part of the country. My posts for this period will be personal and not associated with FCRS. The photos attached show the crossroad of poverty, development and conservation. Trees lagged by Bethany as part of her research to identify those used as feeding or sleeping sites for one of the two troops of lemurs she has followed over the last year have been felled. This isn't illegal logging the trees are in a take zone. Bethany's analysis of her data will consider whether their loss will impact the ability of the lemurs to survive in this challenging and fragmented environment.

Posted by Friends of CRS at 2023-03-13 06:16:47 UTC