Happy International Women's Day to all women and girls across Eastern Europe. Read on to find out who ChildAid is thinking of today... The Mother's and Daughters of Ukraine; living through such awful times, but standing resolutely for right over wrong. The women and girls we support. We hear many moving stories of how our work changes lives- like Alexandra, a single mother to 6 children, their father abusive and absent. As full-time carer to one daughter with severe mental health problems, Alexandra is unable to work. The family was desperate. Through our partners at Family Love, Transnistria, ChildAid provided therapy for Alexandra, food, warm clothes, and more. We're honoured to help so many more women like Alexandra and keep families together. The inspirational women who work on our projects. To name just two, Dr Diana Covalciuc, director of the Tony Hawks Centre in Moldova, and Sister Helen from the orphanage Sisters of St Elizabeth, in Belarus. We're so grateful for their selfless work changing the lives of some of Europe's most vulnerable children and families.

Posted by ChildAidee at 2023-03-08 06:00:00 UTC