This is Phoebe, one of the co-founders of our organization. Last summer Phoebe received the Wheaton College, MA, Davis International Fellowship and chose to travel to Moshi, Tanzania to work in a small local hospital for 10 weeks. Phoebe was assigned to the prenatal clinic at the hospital, working with the nurses and was trained to conduct HIV, Malaria, Blood sugar, measure the fetal heartbeat, and incision care. At first it was a lot for Phoebe, she was overwhelmed, but took on the challenge and persevered throughout the summer. As difficult as it was, the experience changed Phoebe's life, not only overcoming the incredible challenge of traveling alone as a young student to a new continent, a new country, and meeting all new people, the experience in the hospital left a huge impact on her. When she returned to her senior year at college, she decided to focus her final thesis project on the ways that non-profits around the world support women in rural areas around pre and postnatal care. I'm writing this post today, because Phoebe learned about a non-profit through the Rugged Compass podcast series, called Birthing Kit Foundation Australia, and with this knowledge from the podcast she contacted the foundation, and they so kindly put her in contact with organizations that distribute their birthing kids around the world. In our family we have all listened to the podcasts, which are so filled with amazing people yes, but also making amazing connections like these. Thanks to Adam Asher, and his commitment to bringing so many people together around the world.

Posted by Rock-Paper-Scissors at 2023-03-07 12:51:49 UTC