After calling the court about our adoption hearing, the next thing we did the morning of February 24th was go to the bank. There were already lines at every ATM. Many of them were out of cash within minutes. There were long lines at every gas station. By the next day, the 25th, all of Ukraine was under martial law and gasoline was rationed to just 20 liters or less per day. That was problematic because along with our adoption decree, we now had permission to visit our boy as often as we wanted during the 30-day waiting period, which we did, every other day. That meant we were in line for gasoline almost every day. By Saturday, much of our mission in Ukraine had shifted to supporting refugees. That first weekend we bought groceries and bedding for refugees who were living in our church already. Fortunately, money was pouring in which enabled us to support multiple churches and centers housing IDPs. We spent $4000 on mattresses that first week.

Posted by Shade For Children at 2023-02-17 08:00:00 UTC